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Meet the Team

Alan Tate - Founder, President

Mr. Tate has been a licensed professional investigator since 1989 and has been in the profession since 1983. He is the current President of Metro Investigation, Inc., a Massachusetts and New Hampshire licensed private detective agency. He has served on the Board of Directors for the Licensed Private Detectives Association (LPDAM) since the early 90s. The LPDAM is a not for profit corporation. Mr. Tate has served in nearly every position within the organization including two terms as President in 2000-2001 and 2007-2008. In addition he serves on the Board of Directors for the New Hampshire League of Investigators (NHLI), another not for profit corporation. He also served as the President of the New England Council of State Investigator Associations (NECOSIA) in 2007.  In addition to the above he is a member of the following associations:

Vermont Association of Security and Investigative Services (VAISS)
Maine Licensed Private Detective Association (MLPIA)
Licensed Private Detectives Association of Rhode Island (LPDARI)
Member of the State Association Advisory Board of the National Council of Investigative and Security Services (NCISS)
Investigative and Security Professionals for Legislative Action  (ISPLA)
New England Adjustment Managers Association
North Shore Consumer Credit Association
Southern New England Credit Grantors
National Association of Search & Rescue
National Ski Patrol
International Association of Auto Theft Investigators
Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT) Brockton, MA
Brockton (MA) Area Medical Reserve Corps.

Mr. Tate has received training in the following:

Search and Rescue
Lost Person Behavior
Map and Compass
Multiple levels of rescue
Emergency Vehicle Driving
Red Cross First Aid
EMT, Nationally Registered (no longer active)
Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) certification current
Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
Numerous computer courses
Numerous courses in investigation techniques

Mr. Tate was employed by the City of Boston, Emergency Medical Services and an EMT and then as an EMT Supervisor.
While employed with the City, Mr. Tate was also an EMT Instructor, approved by the MA Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) and taught at Bunker Hill Community College in Charlestown, MA.

After leaving the City of Boston he owned and operated Metro Emergency Medical Systems, based in Boston, MA and with branches in Brookline, Braintree and Plymouth, all in MA. Metro provided emergency medical services (911 calls) to these cities and towns as well as acting as a back-up 911 provider for the City of Boston and a number of local towns as well as providing ambulance service to area hospitals, nursing homes and businesses.  Mr. Tate made ambulances and crews available to cover special events, such as the yearly Special Olympics, at no charge to the sponsoring organization.

Prior to his employment with the City of Boston he served as a volunteer EMT with the Boston Ambulance Squad, the City of Boston's only volunteer ambulance and closely affiliated with the Boston Fire Department.  He was also a volunteer and paid staff with the National Red Cross Disaster Service working not only local situations but  involved with national emergencies.

Mr. Tate has won a number of awards and citations in his capacity as both a volunteer and paid employee. Furthermore he was the runner up for National EMT of the Year and Massachusetts EMT of the Year.

He currently is a volunteer Ski Patroller at Cranmore Mountain Resort in North Conway, New Hampshire and was named volunteer patroller of the year for the 2007-2008 season.

Mr. Tate has been working missing children cases, on a pro bono basis, since 2004. Most of these cases have been worked in conjunction with the Molly Bish Foundation.

Since 2004 he has been Incident Commander (IC) for over 30 searches in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He has worked closely with the "The Molly Bish Foundation", State and local law enforcement, District Attorneys' offices, fire departments, other local agencies, volunteer K-9 teams, volunteer Search & Rescue Teams, Dive Teams, Mountain Bike Teams, ATV Teams, Equestrian Teams, Communications Teams, vendors donating services and goods to searches and families of missing children.

Most recently Mr. Tate was the Incident Commander for a search involving over 325 personnel from both the public and private sectors. This was the first search in Massachusetts where law enforcement personnel were placed under civilian command.

Alan is the recipient of the Massachusetts Missing Children Day Recognition Award as well as an award from the Jennifer Lynn Fay Foundation for continued service in searching for missing children.

Maureen Hancock - Founder, Treasurer

Maureen Hancock, a Certified Asian bodywork practitioner, Reiki Master and Spirit Medium, has spent the past sixteen years studying alternative therapies, teaching holistic healing modalities and facilitating stress management workshops throughout New England.  In the fall of 2001, she left her position as Litigation Manager at Logan International Airport after the tragedy of 9/11, to fulfill her lifelong dream of assisting others on their journey to wellness and healing.

Ms. Hancock is the owner of Pathways to Healing, a wellness center in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Her background includes extensive training in Asian healing arts at the East/West Institute of Alternative Healing and Boston Shiatsu School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which included Shiatsu massage, Tui Na massage, Reiki, Chinese medicine, Tong Ren, and medical Chi Gong. She has also received training in shamanic studies of the Lakota tradition, herbal remedies and reflexology.

Maureen is a sought after teacher of stress management for corporations, hospitals and law firms throughout New England. Combining her stand-up comedy and alternative therapies background, she lights up the room with her unique blend of comedy and wellness.  In 2001, Ms. Hancock began her volunteer work with those suffering from cancer and catastrophic illnesses. She and her volunteers provide complimentary therapies for the sick, travelling to hospitals and private homes throughout New England.

While she has been interviewed nationally on radio, she's a regular morning guest on three popular New England FM stations, WROR, Fun107 and Coast 93.3. Ms. Hancock has been featured on two New England news stations, WHDH Channel 7 and FOX25 News. Through these media outlets, Maureen is able to promote various fundraisers for several non-profit organizations.

In addition Maureen is a regular guest on AM Coast to Coast, CNN and has appeared on television stations across the country.

Her giving heart shines on those in need. She spends numerous hours each week giving back and is on-call for emergencies such as the loss of a child and those about to pass from cancer. She is also an inspirational speaker providing lectures for several organizations including, "Compassionate Friends", as well as various medical groups such as, "The S.A.N.E. Program" (sexual assault nurse examiners), several Hospice groups throughout New England and "Relay for Life" for the American Cancer Society.

Ms. Hancock also assists in facilitating a support group for parents who have lost children. This popular group meets monthly at her office in East Bridgewater. Maureen has extensive experience organizing and planning events for many non-profit organizations both local and internationally known.  Through her extensive e-mail lists, monthly newsletter, growing internet presence, and media outlets, she is able to raise significant income for several non-profit groups. She is especially proud of her work with, "Chernobyl Children's Project International." CCPI was founded in an effort to help alleviate the suffering and to offer hope to  those most affected by the Chernobyl explosion, namely the children of Belarus, Western Russia and the Ukraine.  Maureen raises funds to bring several children to the United States each year for much needed medical treatment and a summer holiday away from the debilitating environment from which they live. Ms. Hancock uses her Medium abilities to assist active law enforcement agencies, retired law enforcement officers and private investigators in a variety of ways. For the past two years, Hancock has volunteered her time to assist in missing person cases-working closely with private investigators. Through her profiling and intuitive skills, major progress has been achieved on these cases.

Currently, she is an active Associate Member of The Licensed Private Investigators Association of Massachusetts.  Prior to Ms. Hancock opening Pathways to Healing, she spent several years working as a litigation paralegal at large Boston law firms before becoming Litigation Manager for the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport). She spent seven years at "Massport" handling a caseload of 120 active litigation cases with the assistance of outside counsel and oversaw and argued all small claims cases for Massport, sat second chair on many Superior Court trials, supervised and attended all litigation mediations, and spent two years as the Administrative Law Judge for the Aviation Department's violations department.

Maureen is the author of the best selling book, "The Medium Next Door, Adventures of a Real Life Ghost Whisperer" and is the star of the reality television program, "Psychic in Suburbia." 
Maureen on Facebook 

Michelle MacKinnon - Clerk

 Ms. MacKinnon has been an investigator for over eight years and holds her own Massachusetts Private Detective License.  She has spent two years with an insurance company and six years with a private detective agency.  She is expert in the use of public and proprietary databases, specializing in their use for locating individuals. Her experience interacting with various law enforcement agencies, including Federal agents, District Attorneys offices, Probation and Parole Departments and civilian attorneys is a strong benefit. 

Michelle has worked pro bono on a number of missing persons cases in a "behind the scenes" roll. She has been responsible for generating E-mail lists of all persons involved in a search, categorizing resources as to type and availability, providing up to the minutes status reports on resources used in searching, breaking down resources by public or private and then into sub-categories by discipline and develops the spreadsheets for on-ground search personnel.

Prior to entering the investigation field, she worked as an administrative assistant for private businesses. In 2007, Ms. MacKinnon began working pro bono with various veterans groups in locating families of New Hampshire servicemen from World War II and the Korean War who died in captivity. Their objective was to invite the families to a ceremony dedicating a monument in their honor.

In 2011, after four years of research, she continues working with these same groups in delivering Purple Heart medals to next-of- kin who are scattered all across the United States. In total, Michelle has assisted in locating 59 of 60 POW families. NH is the first state in the nation to so honor these POWS.  

 Help us locate the next-of-kin for our 60th serviceman, Dudley Allen Henson.

Ms. MacKinnon is a member of the Licensed Private Detectives Association of Massachusetts. (LPDAM)

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