Bringing together search and rescue groups

Organizing, Supporting, Funding and Executing Searches

Foundation Goals

Organizing, Supporting, Funding and Executing Searches

Bring together various search and rescue groups to work on searches. Searches would be conducted using the Incident Command System (ICS) and/or the National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) and associated forms.

The command structure would be a combination of Mission for the Missing (MFM) personnel in partnership with various civilian and public agencies.  The incident commander and various agency representatives shall work together to plan search areas and logistics based on best information available at the time and appoint and utilize Unit Leaders for various tasks and functions.

These task and functions would include but are not limited to:

Civilian K-9 teams with specialties appropriate to the type of search.  Specialties examples would include air scent, tracking, human remains detection (commonly called “cadaver dogs”) and water.

Public authority K-9 teams with capabilities as above.

Civilian Search and Rescue Teams (SAR) with capabilities and training in missing person searches, map reading, use of compass, use of GPS, topographical knowledge, missing and lost person behavior, search patterns, interagency partnerships, applied search theory and planning, resource allocation, briefing and debriefing, hazard and or hazardous materials (Haz-Mat) management, recognition of clues, human and K-9 first aid, allocation of resources, communications, tracking, line searches, air searches, underwater searches, urban and wilderness searches, documentation or services.

Public authority teams with capabilities as above.

Civil Air Patrol

Mountain Bike SAR Teams. Utilize mountain bikes in search and rescue operations.

Equestrian SAR Teams. Utilize mounted personnel for search and rescue operation.

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) SAR Teams. Utilize ATVs in search and rescue operations.

Communications Teams. Provide various radio communication functions in the field and at command/operations center.

Dive Teams. Utilize divers in search zones that include water.

Boat Teams. Utilize various types of watercraft.

Ground Support and Transportation. Shuttle SAR personnel and equipment into and out of search zones and to and from housing, debriefing areas, food and water stations. Use of available donated vehicles from SAR or public agencies. Rent vehicles when necessary.

Provide assistance to the SAR teams in the form of “gas cards” or other such donations to assist in their travel expenses.

Housing. Secure donated housing for SAR teams when available. This could be hotel/motel, private homes, school dormitories or public building facilities. Subsidize, obtain and/or pay for housing when donations are not forthcoming or do not meet the needs of the teams.

Food and Water. Secure food and water, coffee, tea and sports drinks for the SAR teams through donations of local restaurants and businesses. Alert various volunteer organizations such as the Salvation Army and American Red Cross of the need to feed search and rescue personnel. Obtain and pay for food, water and associated supplies where the quantity or availability is not sufficient through donations.

Toilet Facilities. Secure portable toilet facilities when necessary through donations or arrange for stationary facilities to be used. Obtain and pay for facilities when donations do not meet needs.

Mapping and Aerial Photographs. Secure through donations appropriate ground, topographical, street and other types of maps. Secure through donations aerial photographs of search zones. Obtain and pay for maps and photographs where donations do not meet needs.

Printing. Secure through donations printing services for mapping, search forms, posters, photographs, copy and photography grade paper and other associated needs. Obtain and pay for same when donations are insufficient.

Trash removal. Secure through donations services for trash removal from command, operations and meeting area. Utilize volunteers to remove trash where appropriate. Obtain and pay for trash removal services where necessary.

Medical unit. Secure through donations medical personnel for use in the command and operations area as well as in the search zones. These may be, but not limited to, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, nurses, physicians. Outdoor Emergency Care Technicians and Wilderness First Aid Technicians. In some circumstances the availability of an on-scene ambulance may be needed. When necessary provide funding to cover the costs.

Media Relations. Assist where necessary in communicating with the media.  Appoint a media liaison and have others involved in the search refer media to the liaison. Assist in the development and information sharing for missing persons’ web sites and posters. Assist the families in dealing with the media.

Public Authority Interaction. Appoint a liaison to the public authority or authorities who has jurisdiction in the area(s) to be searched.  Agencies usually involved are the District Attorney, local and or State police department, fire department, Emergency Medical Services department and in the case where K-9s are to be used, the Animal Control Officer. Other agencies that may be involved would be Department of Fish and Game, Department of Environmental Police(or other similar organization names depending on the state), Harbor Patrol, Coast Guard, Medical Examiner’s Office and Department of Public Works. In addition, other departments with resources such as the water department, and the various utility departments could be used to assist in certain areas of a search.

K-9 Emergency Medical Services. Obtain through donation services of a veterinary hospital with appropriate capabilities or an independent veterinarian for treatment of any search and rescue K-9 injuries and or illnesses. If services cannot be obtained through donation, negotiate a lower than normal fee for services. Assist the K-9 handler in payment of said services or, if need be, pay for the services in full.

Provide Training, Supplies and Equipment

Bring in trainers in disciplines required by SAR teams.

Hold training classes in conjunction with SAR teams.

For those trainers who are paid, pay for part or all of the training expense when necessary.

Obtain or assist in obtaining appropriate facilities for training. Pay for part or all of the facility expenses when necessary.

Sponsor snack and meal breaks for training classes that are being paid for by SAR teams.

For training that runs multiple days locate and negotiate reduced rates for housing. Pay for all or part of housing expenses when necessary.

Purchase equipment and supplies that individual SAR teams would not independently purchase and make said equipment available for SAR team use. Purchase high use supplies that are used frequently and need to be replaced.

Equipment may include but not limited to:

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

First Aid Kits and supplies

Night vision equipment


Digital camera (s)


Thermal Imaging Equipment

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Communications equipment

Computer with SAR associated software

Printer capable of printing large (three feet) maps in color

Color laser copier

Paper appropriate for large map printing

High visibility clothing and vests

Gloves and safety eyewear


Traffic cones



Overhead projector

Screen to be used with projector or Power Point presentation

Satellite telephone rental


Mobile Command Center / Operations Vehicle

Glow sticks for use on K9 vests at night

Substance Detection Training Equipment for K9s

Outboard Powerboat with flat search area in the front and sides for K9s

Establishing a Resource Center

Equipment and supplies previously listed be made available to SAR and K-9 teams.

Develop a “Master List” of SAR and K-9 resources.

Develop a list of law enforcement contacts with emphasis on SAR duties.

Organize an Advisory Board for MFM with members that could be chosen from but not limited to civilian and public SAR and K-9 teams, family member(s) of missing children, persons known in missing children circles, a business person from an industry that supports SAR, public officials and/or political figure(s), law enforcement or others as the MFM Board of Directors (BOD) deem appropriate. These members may assist the MFM BOD with determining equipment and supplies purchases, training opportunities, sources of funding, organizing searches, executing searches, developing public awareness literature, developing a plan and subsequently carrying out a plan, to bring awareness to public safety officials and others in the public domain on the availability of civilian SAR and K-9 teams.

Raising public awareness

Articles on MFM website

Links to search and rescue and K-9 Team sites

Press releases

Media interviews: Press. TV. Radio. Local cable.

Printed hand outs

Mass produced CDs

On site demonstrations for the public of SAR and K-9 teams

Meet with various public and private agencies and partner where appropriate.

Running a Support Group

A goal that MFM has once it is established is to organize and to run a support group for families of missing children. To bring together families with a common thread to discuss their situation.

To make available to families professionals who may be able to assist in various feelings they are experiencing or situations they are in.

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